Jai Mahaveer Consultants & Engineers Pvt.Ltd.

Manufacturers of Printing ,Packaging & Allied Machinery 


"Achieve Industry Leadership, Through your Widest Thoughts"


Dear Customer,      

We  at  Jai Mahaveer Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd.  Manufactured  to  Printing , Packaging  & Allied Machinery, last  21 Years for Security & Commercial Printing Industries. From Beginning our target is only “Your Satisfaction“. Satisfaction means in all manners like !

Personal Satisfaction
Commercial Satisfaction​
Technical Satisfaction
Operational Satisfaction
​Future Satisfaction

To achieve the above, we do the all necessary exercise every time. If you view our past achievement, you found, after establishment of Jai Mahaveer Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd., we have contributed greatly in Increase Security Printers ( R.B.I. Approved ) Community,just three times.

In past, Security Printers depends to on other country for every technical needs & they provide required latest Technology with some limitations (Additional Process on Existing Machine) at very high cost. At Jai Mahaveer we took this challenge and offered Local Economical and user friendly solutions with latest technology.

 As such every product we have designed and produced are purely based on customer special needs, and we have further produced the same with International quality but National Price rang. we do not offer only machines but also offer future technology. Our Products are flexible for Multi Purpose use and have possibility of Upgrade for future technology.

Repeat Order’s from our customers confirms that they are convinced that we provide all round support, and we put best efforts to ensure our customer Leads in industries. Our leading customer & product listed on Enclosed Pages.  

With Regards

Awadhesh Srivastava
        (M.D., Chairman)